Soliparty on January 21st

Quite a while since we got together to celebrate, dance, laugh and wonder. Finally Zwischenraum e.V. is inviting you to a lovingly arranged Soli- Party at "Zukunft am Ostkreuz" on the 21st of January, 8:30 p.m (we will start with an open improvisation dance workshop at 9 p.m. The live music will begin at 10 p.m) Recommended donation: 5- 10 Euro.

We are a non- profit organisation in Berlin. The money recieved through the party will be used to cover the costs, the rest will be donated to our partners, so that they can continue with their great work!

The partners:

Lowkick e.V.
Self- defence- Thai/Kickboxing for women and girls is a non profit organisation in Berlin/Kreuzberg. The feministic project is based on diversity and thoughtfulness where everyone is welcome with all their weak and strong points. In 2015 a group was formed to reach out for refugee women and girls. They organize Workshops with child care in their space or in the shelters. This women and girls have the possibility to get to know the sport and the facilities. They also invite girls and women from their association Lowkick eV. so that there is a chance to get in contact with each other. The training is free of charge for refugee women and girls.

Stop Deportation Group
As Stop Deportation Group we support refugees and their rights. That
means support e. g. by the medium of lawyers and in preparing for the
interview through BAMF. We aim ending all deportations since
deportations are the most obvious expression of a racist system.

Line Up

No me & Aino (Emolektra / Electro Poetry)
Ähm si Waldschrat und Band (Conscious Hip Hop)
Yansn (Rap)
Monte Cumbia (Cumbia)
Dj Giotto [Braintheft / Bassfuck] (Dub / Dubstep)
Sheng Fu [Guts Pie Earshot] (Live Punkowlectro)
Angienella (World / Downbeat)

Interactive: Poetry machine, screen printing
Workshop: Impro-dance-workshop (starting 21:00)

@ Kino Zukunft
Laskerstr. 5, 10245 Berlin

Entry: 20:30
Livemusik starting 22:00
5-10 € Donation