With our Zwischenraum-Festival - which means "space-in-between" - we want to create an alternative to everyday life and a room for art and political participation: an open and heterogenous festival-weekend which you can all fill with your creative input! In cooperation with different political initiative we try to develop diverse perspectives on politics and art in our three-day program of music, workshops and theatre. We want to look out for the political, the revolutionary and the emancipatory in art and through our own creative activities we want to find out how to change society and everyday life with music, painting and poetry. For this purpose we invite all generations and all societal groups to deal with oppression in a creative way, to find out how to force open the limitations that the various forms of everyday discrimination impose on us. It is important to us that we fight against all these forms of oppression, be it racism, sexism, homophobia, the restraints of wage labor or many more, with words, with music, with action. We are a non-commercial alternative and we will donate all revenues to our cooperation partners.

Be a part, create a space-in-between with us, a space between everyday life and utopia, between musical orgy and workshop discussion, between politics and creativity.